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Season II - Semi Hiatus

Tower of Tartarus: Season II

The Tartarus Tower is a Jail in Hell for Demons who have committed a grave sin in Hell. The tower is so high that its peak ends in Heaven. This is the place the outcast demons want to reach. But the guards of the tower are Angels and they want to prevent the demons from reaching Heaven.

For their offense, the demons must fight for survival in the tower. The tower consists of 70 floors and each pose various dangers. For each floor of the tower, there are a number of points which the prisoners must achieve, otherwise they will not be able to advance to the next floor.

◈ What will you be? ◈



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Yukia-kirazawa Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
Ey Demons! wake up! >A< its a great time to stretch your legs....or claws whatever
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tpfls Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
Super spoiler about the Tower of Tartarus on my twitter. (IF you can find it!) 
I don't recommend searching for it if you have a weak heart.
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A13stract Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Knockknock --hides--
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Sharubae Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
shoves my face onto this group hello
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